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The Magical Yard - by Kristina Wilds

When a young boy named Luke is feeling sad one day because his mom is sick and in the hospital, he ventures outside to his beautiful backyard. Luke’s favorite place in the world when he is feeling mad, sad or glad is sitting under the tallest tree in his yard that offers plenty of shelter. Luke loves the cool shade the tree provides in the heat of Summer, the bursting colors of red, orange and gold of the leaves in Fall, how the snow glistens off its branches in the Winter like tiny crystals and watching the leaves bloom again in the Spring like magic.

One day when Luke is heading out to sit in his special place under his favorite tree, he gets a surprise that will change his life forever!

Get to know Luke and find out why his yard is so magical.

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Join Luke, the little boy in this story, as he ventures outside to his yard and discovers the impossible!